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Go .28 2 stroke engine w. CDI module V2



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Go28V2 Go .28 2 stroke engine w. CDI module V2

Go .28 2 stroke engine w. CDI module V2

Something a little different to the norm here..

This is the .28 2 Stroke engine that GO engines were developing prior to their closure. This was the production model but only a few were ever produced we believe. It is designed to replace nitro engines from .21-.36 size using standard mounting set up and length of engine, crank etc.

It features a CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) module, miniature spark plug and crank position sensor.

The benefits of a spark driven ignition over compression as per a more traditional nitro engine are multiple, improved fuel economy, improved idle and easier to tune.

The engine includes:

  • CDI module, this requires power from a battery pack separate to your normal receiver pack. Recommended between 6.0v and 7.4v.
  • Spark plug with RFI cap.
  • Spare con rod (with extra lubrication holes for bottom bushing)

The engine is a spin start design on the backplate but this can be changed if need be for roto start or even a pull start if the compression is not too high.

You will require a high quality 2 stroke oil, suggested at 14:1 ratio with gas station petrol. Battery pack to power the CDI Module and clutch set up to suit a 3 shoe flywheel.

Please note we have little experience in running these and as a result can offer little in experience of setting them up. It would suit a collector enthusiast of 2 stroke engines who is confident in the installation and use of similar units. You will need to use petrol suitable fuel line as used on 1/5 scales and we would also recommend a fuel tank with screw type lid for safety.

If this is to be mounted in a car please bear in mind gearing will need to be a higher ratio to benefit from the higher torque and you will need to have place for the CDI module and power pack.


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