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Bitty design bring passion, artistic flare and high quality to your RC rcae car.

Growing from a design background famous Italian race family, the Rabitti`s have grown from a painting company to producing some of the most desirable body shells and accesories in the RC arena. Pushing designs forward and evolving to product to produce the single best looking and performing bodies and accesiories on the track, Bitty Design are a force to be reckoned with.
Bittydesign sponsor many of the top drivers around the world including World Champion Lamberto Collari, Riccardo Rabitti, Robert Batlle, Martin Lissau, Riccardo Perin, Elliott Boots, Fabrizio Teghesi, David Ronnefalk, Charlee P., Alessandro Stocco, Meen V., Marco Baruffolo, Billy Easton, Federico Ruggeri and a lot of other important drivers.

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