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TPRO 1/8 TAIMANA Unmounted T4 Super Soft - 4pcs

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TP-3314-ZR01-T4 TPRO 1/8 TAIMANA Unmounted T4 Super Soft - 4pcs

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TPRO 1/8 TAIMANA Unmounted T4 Super Soft - 4pcs

TP-3314-ZR01-T4 TPRO 1/8 TAIMANA Unmounted T4 Super Soft - 4pcs√

The TPRO TAIMANA has been completely redeveloped. Its shape is flatter than that of the other TPRO profiles. Comparable to the 6MIK MAGAMA 2.0, the TAIMANA offers a diamond-shaped profile with many small, fine pins. No other profile has this high number of pins on the tread. The TAIMANA is the ultimate best choice for the newly emerging “OIL-Synthetic” routes. This is where the TAIMANA impresses and shows its full strength. It shines with an unimaginably smooth handling and excellent cornering. Furthermore, the TAIMANA offers perfect grip in damp track conditions thanks to its fine pins.

The completely newly developed rubber compound ZR from TPRO impresses with its extremely low wear and at the same time extraordinary performance. We have succeeded in setting new standards with our material development and we are constantly testing with TPRO factory pilots to become even better in terms of material quality and profile design.

We offer the ZR mixture in the hardnesses T2-Medium, T3-Soft and T4-Super Soft. With the appropriate additives, the ZR mixture is also available in a clay version with hardnesses C3-Soft and C4-Super Soft. Finally, we have the wet version in W5-Ultra Soft for extremely damp and wet conditions. You can therefore choose from over 60 different TPRO tires. This ensures that the perfect tire is available for every application

Our TPRO tires are available in 2 different mounting options. Once the unglued tires in a set of 4 pieces, or second as a ready glued tires in a pair of 2 pieces. The glued wheels use our blue medium TPRO insert (TP1309I3) and the white rims in soft (TP100011SWH).

Both variants are supplied in the resealable TPRO packaging, which is perfect for storing the tyres.


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