HB Racing D8 WS D-Mount V2 (2.00-2.75 Degrees)


HB-204888 HB Racing D8 WS D-Mount V2 (2.00-2.75 Degrees)

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    HB Racing D8 WS D-Mount V2 (2.00-2.75 Degrees)

    HB-204888 HB Racing D8 WS D-Mount V2 (2.00-2.75 Degrees)

    This is an optional D-Block designed for use with the HB Racing D8 WS / E8 WS in order to apply less rear toe-in than the standard included D-Block (3.0-3.75 Degrees) that comes with the kit.

    Toe-in with the D-Mount: The tightest possible setting with the (3.00-3.75) D-mount achieves a minimum rear toe-in of 2.25 degrees. This means it's impossible to reduce toe-in any further, but thanks to this new part, you can!

    For those of you who are new, toe-in affects your car's stability and cornering ability.

    Specific toe-in setting: A toe-in setting of -1.25 (using the C-mount and 2.5 at the rear) creates a very responsive car, ideal for experienced drivers looking for lots of rotation in the corners. This setting allows the car to pivot more quickly, which can be very useful on technical tracks with many tight bends. However, this type of setting often requires the differential to be hardened to maintain stability.

    Extended Adjustment Range: Using this configuration gives you added flexibility, with a toe-in adjustment range of 1.25 to 2.75 degrees. This means you can fine-tune your car's behavior to perfectly suit your driving style and the specifics of the track you're racing on.

    If your aim is to reduce rear toe considerably for a more responsive car, this setting is specially designed for you. We encourage you to experiment with these settings to discover how they can improve your on-track performance.