HB D2 EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy


HB-204240 HB D2 EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy

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    HB D2 EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy

    HB-204020 HB D2 EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy


    The new D2 Evo from HB Racing is a pro spec buggy dedicated to maximum performance at the highest level of competition. HB designer Torrance Deguzman created his take on the modern 1/10th scale 2WD Buggy. The D2 Evo features extensive use of precision CNC machined aluminum alloy parts, woven carbon fiber, and composite nylon material. The D2 Evo has a wide range of adjustability so racers can tune it for maximum performance on a variety of 1/10 racetracks. And signature HB design features, like our race proven monocoque suspension arms, means the D2 Evo will be familiar to HB racers around the world.

    From the tough 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy chassis to the carbon suspension arm plates and alloy suspension hubs, the D2 Evo is packed with standard parts that are options on most 1/10 buggies. The D2 Evo is truly pro spec right out of the box.

    To compete at races like the World Championships, racers and their cars need to adjust to track conditions. The D2 Evo is built to quickly adjust all parameters of the suspension to help you optimize your car for fast lap times and performance that matches your driving style. Click HERE to see the D2 Evo setup sheet and the wide range of available adjustments.

    The extensive use of alloy and carbon parts allow quick production of new chassis and suspension parts to keep the D2 Evo at the front of the pack.

    The D2 Evo is compatible with popular wheels, tires, bodies, wings, and electronics so you can fit the latest go-fast parts.

    Here’s an inside look at the D2 Evo transmission. Precise alloy mounts hold the transmission gears in perfect alignment for smooth and efficient gear mesh. The alloy motor mount keeps the motor cool and supports the adjustable dual disc slipper clutch. An alloy shock tower mount is easily removable to allow quick access to the differential.

    Attention to detail makes the D2 Evo extremely adjustable, easy to work on, and fast on the racetrack.

    • CVD drive shafts
    • Monocoque suspension arms with carbon fiber inserts as pioneered by HB in 1/8 scale & 1/10 4WD
    • Gullwing suspension arm design front & rear
    • Split center bulkhead
    • Aluminum caster blocks with caster adjustment bushings included
    • Adjustable Ackermann geometry via optional steering hub arms
    • Aluminum front arm mounts with optional adjustable kickup
    • Adjustable droop setting via droop screws similar to 1/8 scale buggies
    • Ball bearing supported steering bellcranks with aluminum steering rack
    • Flat plate aluminum chassis so optional materials like carbon fiber can be used depending on racing conditions
    • Adjustable battery position with quick change O-ring retainers
    • Motor cooling fan mounts built into the side guards
    • Dual disc adjustable slipper clutch
    • Machined aluminum gearbox with 3-gear laydown configuration
    • Easy access differential (ball & gear diff available)
    • Aluminum rear hubs with inserts for various hinge pin heights
    • Fully adjustable camber link position using spacers
    • Both inboard and outboard camber mounts can be finely adjusted up & down as well as inward & outward
    • Clamping aluminum wheel hex drives
    • Arm mount inserts for toe-in and anti-squat adjustment


    Supplied in kit form only, assembly required.

    Complete D2 Evo instruction manual and decal sheet included.