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Engine Break In Service .12 -.21


Answer RC BREAK-IN Engine Break In Service .12 -.21

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    Engine Break In Service .12 -.21

    Answer-RC BREAK-IN Engine Break In Service .12 -.21

    Engine run in using state of the art electronic break in method in a oil filled bath for superb lubrication and reduced wear to rod and crank, as well as saving you time and money spent on fuel and tyres.

    Using the EBIS machine the engine is first stripped, inspected and cleaned before being fitted up to the machine, this sits the engine in a bath of oil so that all parts are lubricated during the break in. The machine heats the engine and oil prior to the process beginning and maintains tis oil temperature throughout.

    The break in service offers a precise and repeatable process for precision bedding in of the piston and liner in a perfectly lubricated environment. Due to the oil immersion the rod, bearings and all moving parts are fully lubricated throughout the process leading to less wear on the rod and crank pin during break in. After the break in service the engine is again inspected for the correct break in, cleaned and sealed. It is then recommended that a minimum of 0.5ltrs of your chosen fuel is run through the engine under increasing load and the carburettor tuned to sort the application, fuel and conditions

    Benefits of the break in service:

    • Reduced track time for break in
    • Improved fit between piston and liner
    • Reduced wear to other engine components

    The machine features:

    • Computer-controlled electric drive train system.
    • Computer-controlled electric oil heating system
    • Adjustable oil heating temperature from room ambient temperature up to 200°C.
    • Horizontal RC engine position during breaking in.

    We offer this service both to engines supplied through us and our dealer network. 

    The process takes one full day so we can only offer one break in per day. If you are in a rush to have the engine broken in please contact us for a booking.

    Engines to be shipped to us Answer-RC Ltd. 18 Momentum Place, Bamber Bridge, PR5 6EF. When ordering the break in service the shipping options are given as if we were shipping an engine.

    If ordered with an engine expect a one to three day delay to allow the process to take place.