SWORKz S12-2C EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy kit View larger

SWORKz S12-2C EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy kit


SW-910033CE SWORKz S12-2C EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy kit

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    SWORKz S12-2C EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy kit

    SW-910033CE SWORKz S12-2C EVO 1/10 2WD Buggy kit

    The SWORKz S12-2C Evolution (S12-2C EVO) (Carpet Edition) 1/10 2WD is designed for pure racing. It is an evolution from the successful S12-2C platform. The new geometry of the car provides optimized corner speeds and easy handling on carpet and very high grip tracks.

    The S12-2C EVO features a new carpet version gear box system on a T7075 hard anodized and lightened aluminum chassis. It has a layout that allows up to 6 different battery positions. The flex of the chassis can be changed by adjusting the sideguards.

    The S12-2C EVO comes with SWORKz brand new designed 1/10 Pro-Shock System (Short version). The shocks come with new Emulsion Precision Plastic Shock Caps, Shock Pistons with Seal Parts. The kit comes standard with a 4mm carbon carpet version front shock tower and newly designed front C-Hubs. The Teflon coated shock shafts provides smooth shock reactions. Black Line springs which are newly designed with rotation fixed spring holders comes standard in the SWORKz S12-2C EVO kit.

    A brand new 5.5mm linkage ball stud system are included in the S12-2C EVO kit. Adjustable Ackermann plate and Carbon steering plates are included too. The S12-2C EVO has new angled lower arms that provide a lower Shock position which leads to a lower center of gravity.

    The kit is equipped with a quick release gear differential system, which can be mounted in 3 different positions. The rear lower arms are angled and the rear shock tower (carpet version) has got different height positions. The weight of the gearbox is optimized to a perfect balance between size and strength.

    The rear shock tower (carpet version) of the S12-2C EVO is made of carbon. The wing mount holder’s height and angle can be adjusted. The rear width of the S12-2C EVO can be changed with the new Synthesis Rear Hub System and rear CVD modularity.

    The SWORKz S12-2C EVO has a front sway bar and a completely new rear sway bar holder system.
    The 2-Pad Slipper of the SWORKz S12-2C EVO comes with hard anodized plates, high temperature resistant slipper pads and a spur gear protection with a engraved SWORKz logo.

    The S12-2C EVO body shell has good aerodynamics.
    The SWORKz development team focused on using materials, corresponding to the highest quality standards, when designing the car. You will find only 100% SWORKz quality in the S12-2C EVO kit.

    • T7075 hard anodized & lightened aluminum chassis
    • Adjustable flex system with various sideguards
    • 6 different battery positions
    • 4mm Carbon shock tower
    • New C-Hub geometry
    • Changeable Ackerman plate
    • Carbon steering knuckle plates
    • Front sway bar system
    • Super light anodized front wheel axles
    • Front wing mount with 65mm front wing
    • Front aluminum toe in plate
    • Front lower arms in angled design
    • Easy adjustable Ackerman plate
    • The brand 5.5mm linkage ball stud system
    • Adjustable differential position
    • Quick differential release system
    • Lower shock position design with adjustable shock tower position
    • Brand new design SWORKz 1/10 Pro Shock System (Shorty version)
    • Adjustable rear wing height
    • Adjustable rear wing angle
    • Rear width adjustable with hubs included length adjustable CVD
    • New Synthesis Rear Hub System
    • Fully adjustable square aluminum toe in plate „SWORKz“ engraved
    • New designed rear sway bar holder
    • Rear wheel hex hard anodized
    • Rear Carbon Shock tower
    • Super light CAD optimized gearbox
    • 2 Pad Slipper System with hard anodized plates
    • Slipper Anti-Clock rotation adjustment
    • High temperature resistant slipper pads
    • Spur gear protection with laser Logo
    • Precision plastic emulsion shock cap system
    • Unique designed shock stud screws
    • Hard anodized stock studs
    • Black line shock spring
    • Rotation protected spring holder
    • Teflon hard coated shock shaft
    • Hard coated shock body
    • 6 Ball bearings servo system
    • Quick release electronic plate
    • Battery pad included
    • Balanced motor position
    • Body shell with optimized aerodynamic design