NOVA B3R EVO .21 3-Port Buggy Engine w/Steel Bearing & DLC Crank

NV-5002011 NOVA B3R EVO .21 3-Port Buggy Engine w/Steel Bearing & DLC Crank

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    NOVA B3R EVO .21 3-Port Buggy Engine w/Steel Bearing & DLC Crank 

    NV-5002011 NOVA B3R EVO .21 3-Port Buggy Engine w/Steel Bearing & DLC Crank

    Nova's latest range of EVO specification engines represent a culmination of feedback from both users and team drivers alike, to further refine the engines to offer drivers with the best performance, efficiency and engine longevity. This has been achived with extensive testing, optimising both the materials used in manufacture and also the design of the engine.

    We are confident that you will love the new EVO specification engines and we expect to see them at the top of podiums throughout 2024 and beyond.

    Recommended Pipe: Nova 2182 Off-Road, with either 50mm or 55mm manifold depending on preference.


    Displacement: 3,49cc / 0.213

    Bore: 15,94 mm

    Stroke: 17,50 mm

    Weight: 350 gr.

    Head Dia. : 59,50 mm

    Operating range: 4.000 – 45.000 rpm

    Vacuum high pressure injected Crankcase

    Lightened Crankshaft DLC coated

    3 Ports cylinder with antifriction HCP coating

    Sintered alloy piston

    Steel coated Piston Pin

    Rear Steel Ball Bearing

    Triple adjustment Carburettor with Interchangeable venturi

    Available as supplied from manufacturer, or including break-in using our state of the art electronic oil filled bath. Please note, this may be subject to a 24hr delay whilst the engine is broken-in for you.